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A professional intelligent equipment manufacturer

Welcome to Fulme company!

Shanghai Fulme Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


A high-tech enterprise dedicated to improving the working efficiency in the material handling industry. It integrates research and development, production, and sales.

With more than 10 years of accumulated technology and production experience, FULME Equipment has been focusing on research and development and manufacturing of different types of material handling equipment.

FULME products

include a series of material handling machines, including drum lifters, roller lifters, floor cranes, vacuum glass lifters, dock levelers, pallet trucks, pallet stackers, lifting tables, etc. All of these products are widely used in different industries, including production workshops, warehouses, stations, airports, the logistics industry, the chemical industry, pharmaceutical factories, supermarkets, and other fields.

In terms of quality control, FULME strictly follows standard quality control procedures. All products must undergo 100% full inspection. Before shipment, the product parameters are counted to ensure that each product meets the acceptance standards before leaving the factory.

To meet the product quality standards of various countries, the products provided by FULME have passed CE certification, ISO09001, and ISO14001 certification.

As a high-tech company, FULME not only meets customers’ needs for standard products, but also for special design and customization based on specific specifications such as load, height, size, accessories, and other requirements.

FULME Factory
Welding machine for material handing equipment including pallet truck,pallet stacker,roll lifter,drum lifter and vacuum glass lifter,etc

In terms of quality, FULME company undergoes 100% comprehensive testing for all of the products and spare parts. Each product shipped to the customer must have been fully inspected before shipping.

The employees in FULME company will monitor and detect the devices and finished products through excellent tools and equipment based on the strict IQC, PQC, and QA procedures. Any product with quality defects will be immediately selected and scrapped for disposal.

Before preparing for shipment, relevant personnel of the company will conduct a comprehensive inspection and pre-shipment testing to ensure that the data meets the standards and that the various configurations of the product meet the quality requirements.

In order to reduce production costs and shorten delivery times, FULME company also produces some semi-finished products, such as gearboxes, chassis, masts, forks, tooling, cylinders, chains, batteries, chargers, etc.

All series of our products have ISO09001 and ISO14001 certifications and are qualified for CE certifications.

As a new type of company, FULME’s business model is flexible and robust. FULME not only meets general standards but also meets customized requirements for specific specifications and product functions according to customer needs.

Why Us?

Quality Assurance

1. All our products are produced according to quality requirements and undergo relevant testing before leaving the factory.
2.Certificate of ISO9000:2001 / CE / EPA

Competitive Price

For the same configuration, we quote the most reasonable price. At a similar price, we provide the best configuration.

Excellent Service

1.24X7 online service and time to reply to customer’s questions.
2. Customized solutions include product customization and payment customization as well as sales solutions for promotion in the local market and market analysis of popular products.


FULME committed to providing the partners for 1 year or 2000 working hours as the period of warranty.

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